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Strategy & Consulting

Management Consulting

We help clients realize the full potential of their businesses by identifying and prioritizing opportunities, setting strategic objectives based on assessments capabilities, resource requirements and risk, and develop detailed business plans to meet these objectives.

Marketing Consulting

We provide in-depth research and analysis of market environment and marketing activities, lead to the discovering risk, threat, chance of recession and market opportunities. We help companies solve existing problems, improve and re-innovate their marketing activities, so they can avoid risks, overcome challenges and recession crisis, capture and create market opportunities.

IT Consulting

Utilizing the most sophisticated internet and software technology in the US and many years’ system development experiences in various industries, our information system allows our client to reach the maximum ROI, achieve the highest compatibility and future business expansion, optimize user-experience, and reduce associated risk to a minimum level.

Gomay created a brand new look for Eddie Labs and were able to translate our rough ideas and thoughts into creative and innovative designs.

Jo Davies, Marketing Manager

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