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Media Ads Purchasing

There are many advertising platforms which dazzle you, however, purchase of the advertisement without analyzing the data would be meaningless. Gomay integrates the most effective types of advertising platforms nowadays, and establishes a good relationship of long-term cooperation with them. We will pick out the most suitable launching channels with you together based on a variety of factors which include market conditions, product characteristics, media characteristics, branding strategies and many other factors. Meanwhile, we will ensure the optimal advertisement placement, price and promotion time for your business. Our goal is to get you all kinds of value-added services to help you save a cost of time and to ensure maximum conversion rate for your advertisement.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is to send e-mail regarding the information of the business to the target populations. With the advantages of spreading the information very fast, inexpensive, and settling consumer groups rapidly, it has become one of the most popular marketing tool in North America. The content of the e-mail can include the description of the company, the discount information, new items promotion, and registration activities. Gomay can help you send e-mail newsletter related to your business to your existing and potential customers with the e-mail addresses simply provided by your company. From feedback of the e-mail to the analysis report, Gomay can save your time and energy, as well as keeping ahead of the latest customers’ trends and their feedback.

Social Media Marketing

Dose our company socialize? According to the survey, two-thirds of Internet users visit Weibo, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other different types of social networking which make them very important advertising channels. Why choosing social media? Social networking has become a significant part of advertising for many companies.

Gomay can help you communicate with your customers better through the social media platform and understand their needs more in the following aspects:

  • Shaping the company’s brand and professional image, enhance credibility
  • Pass information to the customer groups that traditional media cannot reach
  • Keep ahead of customer feedback, and keep communicating with customers
  • Influence customer behavior and purchasing decisions
  • Establish and maintain good corporate image of the network
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Design social networking pages and applications
  • Design Video special topics channels
  • Design logo, posters and background pictures
  • Analysis of the competitors’ social media strategy
  • The company released the latest information and updates via social media
  • Post detailed experience article to achieve the purpose of the word-of-mouth marketing
  • Continued advertising on social media monitoring, analysis and management
  • Integrate the social media and our website data to develop analysis uniformly

Growth Hacking

Gomay is not only an advertising company, but also an IT company. We believe that the most advanced technology can bring in the best user experience. The strong self-developed products/ platforms can greatly increase customers’ adherence and habits. Gomay is mastered at using the suitable technology to increase the network flow, the visitors to your website and the activities of the users rapidly. The latest trend of many popular large technology companies is to conduct a lot of iterative operations by hacker marketing to attract more users. Gomay is an expert in this area who can help your business to thrive by means of the latest technologies.

Public Relationship

Gomay has established our own public relationship platform through our own social media, cooperated websites, e-mail, offline activities and etc. With our good public image and publicity, Gomay can deliver your message to the target group. Gomay can expand your business by a series of media propaganda. With such a powerful media network as your backup, you can spread the information your want to a whole new level. Gomay knows the importance of public relationships. By the use of PR News, word-of-mouth marketing, public opinion analysis and other different methods of making public relationships, Gomay can help our clients to establish a trustful relationship with their customers and gain mutual benefit.

Gomay created a brand new look for Eddie Labs and were able to translate our rough ideas and thoughts into creative and innovative designs.

Jo Davies, Marketing Manager

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