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Creative Design

Creativity is mysterious. Gomay transforms valuable ideas to the products of our clients through graphic design, VI design, photography, and video production and etc. We are determined to help each of our client to explore their own characteristics and build their unique style.

Graphic Design

Do you want to print high-quality design work with the best price? We have years of experience in printing and high-end printing equipment in the North American. From graphic design to print production, we can assure the efficiency and high-quality of the print to meet your requirements.

Digital printing: Business cards; Postcards; Coupon; Leaflets; Posters; Menus; Headers; Manuals; Magazines
Processing Binding: Plastic binding; Mucilage binding; Plastic rings; Iron rings; dashed dots; Cutting; Folding; Binding; Indentation
Special custom: Ring-pull cans; Envelopes; Calendars; Folders; Indoor /outdoor banners

VI VDesign

Gomay is specialized in combining the new design element with the image of your business perfectly through a simple and intuitive way. From the trademark (Logo), websites, social networks, video to leaflets, posters and etc., all designs will follow the same language to achieve a uniform style and visual effects. Creativity, innovation, creation are the core concepts of Gomay. Through the professional design, we will impress your customers by presenting all the information you want to express thoroughly.


As the saying goes: seeing is believing. The image is the most vivid language. The transmission of images shares a mutual language both visually and spiritually. Visual shock is a key cause where the consumers’ spiritual resonance lies. The specialized photographer of Gomay who feel the world through their camera, can seize the consumers’ attention firmly through the works from their lens. While promote your products, they can stimulate the emotion of the consumers which hidden deeply in their heart to resonate with our products.

Video Production

Video is one of the most influential marketing tool nowadays in the new media era. The current videos have many flexible forms which can be used in many different areas include advertising, presentations, training, exhibitions and website pages. Gomay video production team can shoot professional-level commercial promotion clip for you with video editing, animation, special effects and other post-production work to make it more appealing and memorable..

Gomay created a brand new look for Eddie Labs and were able to translate our rough ideas and thoughts into creative and innovative designs.

Jo Davies, Marketing Manager

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